Lion' WhelpHebrew Academy


Lion's Whelp Online Hebrew Academy for Children powered by Zoom and Moodle LMS offers a virtual Hebraic education experience, with live classes and interactive learning. Students from ages 5-17 are welcome in our virtual classrooms, where warm and experienced teachers provide an excellent Hebraic Education, all in the comfort of your own home. All they need is a Computer, Webcam, Mic and a high-speed internet connection. With our cutting-edge software, your child will be able to connect with other Hebrew children from across the country.

Lion’s Whelp Hebrew Academy, an extension of Hebrew Academy of Detroit, is a private, independent, online Hebrew faith-oriented academy for ages 5 through 17. We place high importance on Hebrew studies and general education. Emphasis on Hebrew Faith, Hebrew Culture, Hebrew Language, Hebrew History, and Character Development is prevalent across the curriculum.

All subjects are taught by professional instructors and faith-based teachers. Our verbal and visual exercises, plus hands-on studies, allow us to maintain a high interactive level of learning. A strong emphasis is placed upon Hebrew customs and heritage as integration into the student's community is essential for healthy self-esteem.