Staff &Teams

Local Elder's Council

The Local Elder's Council consists of the Senior Moreh, Elders, Morehs, and those appointed by the Moreh who understand the vision, the calling, and the integrity of Great Awakening. The Council of Elders is responsible for making key decisions beyond administrative and pastoral responsibility such as pastoral and key staff salaries, building acquisition and renovation, and serving as the steering board for GAA-Detroit initiatives.

Great Awakening includes the role of elder as part of the ASSEMBLY leadership. The eldership team are men (and their wives) who fit the qualifications of eldership in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 and who have earned the respect of the congregation over time. Elders have a regular governing role and meet for governing purposes. Elders are available to assist in matters of counsel, conflict resolution, ASSEMBLY discipline, fiscal management, public teaching, and administration of ASSEMBLY ordinances including baptism and communion. New elders are appointed by the senior moreh with the agreement of the existing elders.

Ministry Team

The Ministry Team consists of  Ministry gifts of Power of the Word consisting of the Pastors, Morehs, Morahs,  Prophet(ess), Elders, Evangelists, Apostolic gifts, Teachers, and all Ministers who understand the vision, the calling and the integrity of the awakening. The Purpose of Ministry Team is to:

  1. establish a broader communication base for 5-Fold ministry gifts
  2. establish a sounding board for every aspect of 5-Fold ministry
  3. set a platform for idea exchanges for all ministry gifts of Power of the Word
  4. establish a round table whereby designated 5-Fold ministry gifts can interface, communicate, resolve any ministry and doctrinal issues that arise, share concerns and give and receive wise Biblical counsel.
  5. give all leaders a deeper sense of belonging, usefulness, understanding of the importance of their role and to create a strong support system among staff.
  6. intensify the ministry of prayer and intercession among 5-Fold ministry leaders.
  7. provide the platform for impartation for 5-Fold ministry leaders, so that we are operating with one accord.
  8. provide leadership training & development for 5-Fold ministry leaders, equipping each leader with skills and abilities to be productive in their area of ministry.
  9. work with the Senior Pastoral staff to build a Antioch-style ASSEMBLY where all five fold ministry gifts are - engaged in Kingdom dialogue
  10. build on sound Biblical doctrine and making ministerial decisions to perfect Power of the Word members for the work of the ministry to edify the body.

The Ministry Team is responsible for leading the assembly in functioning as a Torah-observant, Ruach-Filled, Messianic Assembly. The Pastor Team is responsible for providing spiritual instruction and strategic leadership to the members, staff, and ministries of the assembly. The Ministry Team provides spiritual leadership to members of the GAA-Detroit Assembly. Duties include preparing weekly messages, teaching and conducting Sabbath worship services, and Bible Studies. The Ministry Team’s responsibility to interpret biblical scripture for the congregation. Provide care and counseling to the assembly and assist them in crisis situations. The Ministry Team officiates at special services, such as Immersions, weddings, and funerals.

Dr. Kenneth Howard, M.A., M.S., M.Div., D.Min
Dr. Kenneth Howard, M.A., M.S., M.Div., D.MinPastor/
Dr. Kenneth Howard is a community activist, pastor, moreh, professor, prolific motivational speaker, visionary, businessman, and community leader. He is the Pastor of Great Awakening Assembly, Adjunct Professor at multiple universities, community colleges, and seminaries in the Detroit, MI area. He is the author of “The Forgotten Ways: A Deviation of Biblical Practices and Worship. Co-Founder of Hebrew Academy of Detroit and Lion' Whelp Hebrew Academy for Children, Founder of Great Awakening H2N International, President of Kingdom Konsultants a Business Consulting Firm. He owns Habiru Vegan Style Restaurant. Dr. Howard married his college sweetheart, the former Tawana McDowell of Flint, MI. Together they have four children Mary a senior at Michigan State University, Kaleb, a sophomore at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA, Faith, a High School Senior, & Joshua.
Morah Tawana Howard
Morah Tawana
Morah Tawana Howard, a native of Flint, Michigan, is an awesome speaker, psalmist, counselor, morah, and pastor. Together she and her husband, Dr. Kenneth Howard, leads Great Awakening Assembly a Hebraic Community of Believers. She currently holds 3 degrees from Ferris State University, an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts, a Bachelor of Science in English Education, with a minor in Speech Communication. Pastor Tawana also has her Masters of Arts degree in Community Counseling at Spring Arbor University, with certifications in substance abuse and sexual abuse recovery. Pastor Tawana is also co-founder of New Breed Community Development Corporation. Together they have 4 beautiful children, Mary, Kaleb, Faith and Joshua. She is the owner of Habiru Vegan Style Restaurant. Pastor Tawana believes that the call on her life is to introduce the Messiah Yahusha to the world through prophetic praise & worship and the practical teaching of the Word of Yah. Her life is transparent, and her teachings are simplistic, which can be applied to everyday life. She also believes that every person who walks in Christ can walk in divine purpose.
Moreh James Howard
Moreh James
James Lemories Howard is passionate about his relationship with Yah. Moreh James married his childhood sweetheart Latisha D. Howard. Together they have four beautiful children, Gerald, Simone, Jamya, and Brittney. James has attended New Breed Church (now Great Awakening Assembly) since 2005, and is still a faithful member to this day. He was licensed through New Breed Reformation Association as a minister in 2014 and is a proud 2015 Graduate of New Breed School of Ministry. James has served as the Usher Director, Men’s Ministry Director, and Youth Leader. He currently serves as an Associate Pastor/Moreh on the Oversight Team (formerly Eldership Team), Financial Manager and on the Senior Management Team at New Breed. James can be seen actively preaching, teaching, and serving in many capacities at New Breed. Due to his faithfulness to the Yah, commitment to the Assembly, diligence in studying the scriptures, and passion for people,
Prophet Patrick Tarrance
Prophet Patrick TarranceProphet/Navi
Prophet Tarrance lives in Warren Michigan with his lovely wife Lady Tawana whom he married on February 12, 1993, whom they also have three sons. Prophet Tarrance accepted Yahusha as his savior at 19 yrs old after he appear to him in a dream. He sat under the late Apostle Thomas Bulter, where he was ordain as a minister on July 12, 1996, at Word Of Truth. Prophet stayed there until YAH release him to go out into other ministers to support other Pastors. Prophet Tarrance would occasionally go out on the road with Apostle John Saba ministering the word of YAH and also would be on 1440 am radio where his show was call pressing towards the mark .In 2013 as Prophet was sitting at his desk studying, he heard YAH speak to him, and said man call you a minister and a preacher but I call you a Prophet and a messenger. On May 24, 2015 Prophet Tarrance was install into the office of the Prophet, by Bishop Terrence Joyce of Totally committed ministries. Prophet Tarrance study at Destiny school of ministries, where he also graduate from the Apostle and Prophet institute. He is also the Chaplain of Local 400 where he is chairman for Bridgewater, Chrysler, Ford, and others. In 2017 as Prophet was praying about his next assignment he was lead to Great Awakening Assembly where he met Dr.Ken Howard and Morah Tawana Howard. Here YAH spoke to Prophet and said this is where he wanted him to be, to support, and keep them encourage, and also to learn.
Elder James Mason
Elder James MasonElder
Moreh Benjamin SherillMoreh
Morah Gwendolyn CrawfordMorah
Morah Ro JonesMorah
Morah Kim WarrenMorah
Minister Ima Mary HarrisMinister
Minister Debbie ByersMinister
Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team serves as the administrative leaders for Great Awakening Assembly. It is a 5 member team consisting of the five (5) Offices of Great Awakening Assembly -Detroit (Administrative Manager, Outreach Manager, Ministry of Helps Manager, Marketing Manager, and Finance Manager) will meet weekly to discuss the day to day operation of the Assembly.  

Morah Gwendolyn CrawfordAdministration Manager
Ima Veroncill SumlinAdministrative Manger
VacantFinance Manager
Keona Croff
Keona CroffOutreach
Keona "KeKe" Croff a native Detroiter of 46 years. She has been an active member of New Breed Assembly since 2014. She actively serves as the Outreach Manager of New Breed Assembly and Administrator of New Breed Community Development Corporation. Additionally, she is the M-25 Food Director of New Breed CDC which she really enjoy because she gets to serve people from all walks of life. M:25 is a food pantry, mobile food pantry, soup kitchen and assistance program designed to help reduce hunger by supplementing the diets of low-income people including the elderly and homeless, providing food and nutritional assistance at no cost to end hunger and malnutrition in Metro Detroit. She is also a member of SWAP (Sister's With A Purpose), in which actively hit the streets to and feed the homeless and food insecure.
Minister Debbie ByersOutreach Manager
VacantHelps Manager
GAA-Detroit Ministries
GAA-Detroit Departments
Assembly Summit Council

The ASSEMBLY Summit Council consists of all leaders of GAA-Detroit ( Morehs, Morahs, Elders, Deacons, Managers, Ministers, Department Leaders, Ministry Leaders, and Coordinators along with appointed individuals who serve in a leadership capacity in Great Awakening). The ASSEMBLY Summit exists to:

  1. establish a broader communication base for pastor to draw from other leaders in the house
  2. ensure that no specific area of ministry becomes isolated and out of the overall flow of the ministry
  3. establish a sounding board for every aspect of the ministry
  4. set a platform for idea exchanges for all departments and ministries functioning within our local ASSEMBLY
  5. serve as a catalyst to draw every leader in the house closer together in relationship and duty
  6. establish a round table whereby designated leaders in the ministry can interface, communicate schedules and building usage to administration, resolve any issues that arise, share concerns and give and receive wise counsel in regards to their area of service
  7. give all leaders a deeper sense of belonging, usefulness, understanding of the importance of their role and to create a strong support system among staff.
  8. intensify the ministry of intercession among the leaders.
  9. provide the platform for impartation for all leaders, so that we are operating with one accord.
  10. provide leadership training & development for all leaders, equipping each leader with skills and abilities to be productive in their area of ministry.