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Mishpacha Support

Membership Support Department

  • Mishpacha Class, Contact, Board & Breakfast
  • T-Lead Training


MISH’PACHA Classes are offered to those interested in becoming family of Great Awakening Assembly. A person can begin taking classes at any point. The Mish’pacha Course will take new family members on a journey through the Hebrew faith, doctrinal beliefs and philosophy of this ministry. This course class will serve as an excellent foundation for your spiritual growth. Upon completion of the mish’pacha class, which is an eight-week course, family will be officially a part of our family. Additionally, a welcome breakfast will be held in their honor at which time they will meet many of our leaders. The following is a list of topics will be covered:

1. The Purpose of the Assembly

2. Fundamental Beliefs of the Assembly

3. The Bible /Word of Yah

4. Sacred Name of the Father and Son

5. Sabbath

6. Hebrews to Negroes

7. Commandments, Laws, and Statues

8. The Ministry of the Congregation

9. Benefits of the Assembly

10. Video Presentation: The Vision of Great Awakening

Subsequently, family will be asked to attend the “Sabbath Academy Classes” and "Abed Leaderships Training”, which will train family for serving in the Assembly.


M.E.G.A. Marriage

M.E.G.A. Marriage Ministry

Join us every 3rd Sunday at 5:00pm. All married and engaged couples are invited to The Marriage Enrichment Gaining Accountability Ministry. 

Here at Great Awakening Assembly-Detroit we believe that Marriage is the foundation of the family. When the marriage relationship is hurting, the family is hurting. Strong, healthy marriages mean strong, healthy assemblies and communities

Great Awakening Marriage Enrichment Ministry is committed to "honoring the covenant" by supporting strong marriages. In every stage and in every circumstance of life, we want to encourage and enrich godly, lifelong marriages while holding to the truth of Yah's Word and defending the covenant relationship that Yah has established between one man and one woman.


To provide regular group meeting experiences that focus on support, growth, enrichment, and fellowship for couples within GAA-Detroit as well as the assembled and unassembled in our community. We are committed to building an atmosphere to minister to married couples through intentional marriage mentoring and championing healing and oneness in marriages.


  1. To provide a support ministry to married couples in developing healthy relational skills and in building spiritual, emotional, and physical intimacy in their marriage.
  2. Through example, teaching, mentoring, activities, and workshops, we will strive to build and strengthen marriages.
  3. To Promote Yah's plan for marriage through teaching married couples what the Scriptures teach concerning Hebrew marriage;
  4. Betterment of marital and family communications;
  5. Take proactive steps to prevent marriages from reaching a state of distress and to revive those that are already in distress.
  6. Fostering of fellowship, witness, and deep interpersonal sharing in relationships
  7. Providing methods and tools for couples to improve their relationship with each other and with Yah.
  8. Assist and inform married couples on how to be free from anything in their lives that hinder marital bliss.


The Marriage Enrichment Ministry offers and supports a variety of conferences and events to provide opportunities to grow in marriages. These include:

  • Marriage Conferences
  • Fellowship opportunities with other couples
  • Marriage Workshops related to specific topics or issues
  • Marriage Retreats
  • Marriage Outings


The Marriage Enrichment Ministry at GAA-Detroit offers a wide range of programs, classes and support groups designed to strengthen and encourage marriages. These include:

  • Regular Monthly Meetings
  • Couple-to-Couple Marriage Mentoring
  • Small Groups
  • Martial Mentoring
  • Martial Counseling