1. Why do you teach the Old Testament? 
  2. When the Savior walked this earth, the Old Testament was all that was available. He both taught and proved His teachings from the Old Testament. The very roots of our beliefs are found in the Old Testament and our tenets must be in line with both Old and New Testaments. A beautiful harmony exists between both Testaments, which many don’t realize or understand. Paul told Timothy that ALL Scripture is given by inspiration and that ALL is necessary for instruction in righteousness, 2Timothy 3:16.
  1. Why do you insist on the name Yahuah? He has many names.
  2. Paul said there are “gods many and lords many,” 1Corinthians 8:5. Lord and god are not names, but titles. “Lord” means “keeper of the loaf,” an inferior title. The word “god” refers to ANY being conceived as supernatural; an idol; a person or thing deified. Yahuah may have titles or appellatives, but He has only one name, Psalm 83:18. The Bible refers to “His” name 108 times; “My” name 97 times; and “Thy” name 109 times. Reference to His name is always in the singular, never “names.”
  1. If Yahuah is the true Name of the Creator, why is it not in my King James Bible?
  2. As the first Israelite Apostles and converts to the Savior died off, they were replaced by gentiles ignorant of Hebrew. They relied solely upon the Greek text, which had substituted the Hebrew letters of the Tetragrammaton (YHWH) with the Greek Kyrios and Theos. These substitutes were then carried into the Latin texts and the English translations followed suit by substituting Lord and God for Yahuah’s Name.
  1. We speak English, so why should we use a Hebrew name?
  2. This is like saying, “I shouldn’t use Gorbachev’s name because I don’t speak Russian.” Proper names of persons do not change from language to language. Names are transliterated from language to language, not translated. Names are transliterated by having their sounds carried over to another language. We may speak English, but we pronounce foreign names as foreigners do (perhaps with an accent). We pronounce “Hussein” just as the Arabs and “Toyota” and “Honda” as do the Japanese.
  1. Why not change other Bible names, then?
  2. Because only Yahuah’s Name is referred to as holy in the Scriptures. It is not to be altered or eliminated. (The sacred name Yahuah is found nearly 7,000 times in the ancient text, abundant evidence that Yahuah’s name is very important to Him!)
  1. Where can I find proof that the true name of the Almighty is Yahuah?
  2. Modern scholarship readily acknowledges Yahuah’s name. Most good dictionaries, encyclopedias, and prefaces of many Bibles confirm that the proper name is Yahuah. (Look under “Jehovah”; “God, names of”; Tetragrammaton”; “Yahuah,” etc.)
  1. What about the Savior’s name? 
  2. He said He came in His Father’s name, John 5:43. “Yah” is the family name (Ps. 68:4, KJV). The Son’s name, Yahusha, means “Yah is salvation” or “Yah’s salvation.” The Savior Yahusha was the salvation sent to earth, Matthew 1:21. The Messiah’s mother Mary (Miriam) was Hebrew. She did not give Him a Latinized-Greek name that has no inherent meaning.
  1. How do we know the Creator spoke Hebrew?
  2. Much evidence reveals that Hebrew is the earth’s original language, as the Old Testament is filled with Hebrew (Semitic) names from Adam and Eve onward. Yahuah spoke only to those who understood Hebrew, and the earth was of one language until the confusion of tongues at Babel. The Semitic language survived through the sons of Eber who apparently did not remain in the plains of Shinar, but dwelt at Mesha near Mount Sephar, Genesis 10:21-30. Their language —Hebrew—was unaffected by the Babel incident.
  1. Why do you emphasize the importance of the Name and the Sabbath? 
  2. These are two of the most ignored and neglected of all the Ten Commandments (3rd and the 4th). The Sabbath is a sign between Yahuah and His people (Ezek. 20:12 ; 20). Yet, the majority in Christianity observes Sunday. He seals His people with His name, Rev. 7:1-4; 14:1 (NIV), who are then called by His name, Daniel 9:19. They are in a special covenant with Him. His holy days, called Feasts, were given at Sinai along with the Ten Commandments (Ex. 23).
  1. But aren’t the Feasts Jewish and done away at the cross?
  2. Leviticus 23:2, 4, 37, and 44 call them “Yahuah’s Feasts", not “Jewish” Feasts. They were given to Israel to be kept as a statute “forever,” 23:14, 21, 31, and 41. The Jews came from Judah, which was only one of the 12 tribes of Israel. The “ordinances” taken away at the torture stake (Col. 2:14) were the dogma or man-made decrees, not laws from the Creator. Revelation 12:17 says there will be a faithful remnant in the end days keeping the commandments.
  1. What is your mission and who can be included?
  2. To preach the Good News of the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father by the media available as well as personal sharing with all who will hear —regardless of race or gender. See Romans 11.
  1. Who are the Original Hebrews of Scripture?
  2. We believe that the so-called Blacks in America, along the Slave Coast of Africa, and in the Caribbean are the descendants of the Children of Israel (Tribe of Judah) depicted in the Bible. This has been proven historically, biblically, geographically, archaeologically, theologically, and DNA has supported these claims. African Americans and other slaves during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade are the only people in history that fit the curses of Deuteronomy 28. According to prophesies of Jeremiah 17:4, Isaiah 1:3, and Psalms 83:1-4 the children of Israel and the tribe of Judah will lose the true identity of who they are. Since the Trans Atlantic Slave trade in 1530 (Brazil) and in 1619 (Jamestown, VA) we've been called every name (negro, n****, coon,) but our true identity. According to Psalms 44:13-14 the Children of Israel shall be call a byword; not by their real identity. Satan and the dominate culture devised a scheme to divide us and hide our identity, land, and culture from us. Many blacks and some Messianic Israelites communities are coming to know this truth and are experiencing an awaking. The world, as we know it, will soon witness the "3rd Great Awakening."
  1. Is salvation based on race/identity?
  2. The idea that race and ethnicity play a role in salvation should be rejected. While the academy does teach that the true Israelites in the Bible were people of color, it has nothing to do with salvation by grace alone (Ephesians 2:8-9).
  1. Didn’t the Church replace Israel?
  2. Replacement Theology which teaches that Yah made promises, change his mind, broke those promises, and then make new promises to a different set of people is not biblical. If that was the character of Yah, we could not trust him. Therefore, Replacement Theology is a false teaching that we reject. Israel is Israel and the Assembly/Church is the Church. In order for Replacement Theology to be true, Yah would have to be a liar, because the promises he made to Israel would be null and void (Jeremiah 31:35-37).